Mario Jiménez

After graduating 16 years ago as a Multimedia Communication Engineer from the University of Guadalajara, I decided to explore the world of graphic arts, thus establishing Print PV. During this time, constant evolution has been a preponderant factor in keeping me current in the industry; the result of patience, empathy, connection with clients, and teamwork.

With a strong sense of leadership, my focus is on serving corporate clients, as well as constantly seeking to improve processes and products for the growth of the company.

Among my interests is business coaching, of which I am accredited at the Jack Canfield Institute. I am passionate about reading, innovation, and travel. 

Alécika González

Ale is the shortened version of my name and is also how most people know me. I have a degree in Psychology and married to Mario Jiménez, with whom, for almost two decades, I’ve undertaken the adventure of starting Print PV, working with responsibility, commitment, and professionalism evolving into the person you know today.

Also focused on family, I am always aware of the growth of the company, as well as the contributions to maintain a constant improvement in the areas of human resources and administration.

I consider myself a patient, honest, tolerant, empathetic, and altruistic person who enjoys personal and spiritual development.

Lore Jiménez

I have a degree in Business Administration and I am accredited in customer service, management skills, financial education, and leadership courses. I am passionate about interior design and decoration projects, a facete that I have constantly put into practice in the interior spaces of Print PV along with my administrative activities.

I specialize in taking care of the heart of the company, the unseen part: administration, purchasing, collections, and human resources; areas that require total organization, honesty, and loyalty. I am responsible for providing the production team with the best quality supplies and equipment so that the product that reaches your hands exceeds your expectations.

I love the mountains, the jungle, and the cloudy, rainy and cool days that I usually accompany with an aromatic cup of coffee and a delicious dessert. In addition, I practice yoga; enjoy reading; and playing board games as a family.

Juan Espinoza

A graduate of Multimedia Communication Engineering, I am passionate about excellent writing and spelling, as well as attention to detail. Involved in print and radio media for more than 14 years, the invitation to be part of the Print PV team came to be a milestone in my personal and professional life, as it allowed me to discover the fantastic world of visual communication and its constant innovation.

Within the team, I specialize in defining the most appropriate processes to ensure that each product is conceived with the highest quality standards, from the moment you order until it reaches your hands. I am also responsible for keeping our online store up to date.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games, spending time in nature, mountain biking, and acquiring the latest knowledge applicable to my work.

Hernán Bonilla

A graduate in Integral Marketing from the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, I am a restless young man eager for new knowledge who thrives under pressure. Work challenges have led me to prepare myself with the essential tools of graphic arts: Photoshop, Illustrator and digital photography, as well as languages (English and French) and in the organization of conferences and group management. 

My specialty is excellent customer service. I patiently listen to your needs and advise you with the best materials available so that you receive a quality product that meets your expectations.

Among my personal interests: music, photography, swimming and tennis practice stand out. 

Manuel Magaña

I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication Design. I constantly update myself through courses and workshops on topics such as cloud computing, e-commerce, digital marketing and photography.

My specialty is "large format" printing with its wide variety of substrates and profiles. I am trained to use Epson and Roland machines, as well as the most appropriate materials to meet your needs, while I maintain the quality, speed, and precision of our production standards, thus providing an optimal result to your project.

Through my career at Print PV, I have built skills such as rapid learning, working under pressure, persistence, empathy, and corporativism. I enjoy playing soccer, art and artisan illustration.

Carlos Pérez

Or Charly, as my colleagues and clients affectionately call me. A graduate in Design for Graphic Communication from the University of Guadalajara, I am in charge of the laser printing department, for which I have been trained through Xerox brand courses and webinars to make the most of the tools offered by their printers.

Proper printing requires patience and a critical eye, skills that I use daily to ensure that as our client, you receive your products with the best quality in color and finishes, in addition to implementing the creativity, order, and speed that are so characteristic of Print PV.

One of the recreational activities I enjoy the most is riding my bike. I also like illustration and cooking; sometimes I become the official chef of the office.

Esvin Francisco Castillo

Also known as Panchito. I have been working at Print PV for 8 years, where I have developed within the areas of printing, finishing, vehicle wrapping, and installations, for which I have taken specialized courses and I have prepared with people who have extensive experience in the field.

In each of the areas of my work, I apply careful attention to detail to obtain a final product that is completely pleasing to the client. I keep an eye on the best tools available to carry out installations and labels responsibly and professionally.

I am an active and restless person, I like physical exercise, as well as listening to music and spending time with my family.

Brayan Gutiérrez

I am part of the finishing, installation, and vehicle labeling team, which is why I am constantly interested in the news and techniques for the correct performance of this type of work.

When you request a canvas, a vinyl mounted on rigid material, an installation in your home or business, or the labeling your car, it is very likely that I am one of the people who gives the final touch to your order, which I do following the quality standards that we always maintain at Print PV.

On weekends and free time, I really enjoy riding my motorcycle.